Master’s Teaching


12 minutes a day, 365 days a year, Master Cheng Yen reflects on the events happening in Taiwan and the World through the wisdom of Buddhist teaching.


An in-depth look at subjects ranging from environmental protection to overcoming life’s challenges, exploring how we can apply the Buddha’s wisdom in everyday life.


Every day after the morning recitation, Master Cheng Yen explicates the essence of 2500 year old Buddhist teaching and its reflection on modern events.


“Interesting stories of Buddhist sutras and folklores, fascinating ink-wash animation, and inspiring teachings from Dharma Master Cheng Yen, this program provides the audience, young and old alike, with a perfect chance to receive profound Dharma messages through a wide range of stories and tales.

Why a blind man needs to carry a lamp at night? Why a poor couple loses their belongings through a biscuit? Join us to find out the wisdom behind each story.”



【Tzu Chi This Week】20171223

Welcome to Tzu Chi This Week. I'm Margaret Lin. Thank you for joining us. Winter aid supplies for the homeless,Home cleanup for a solitary woman,Free medical services for the elderly. Japan Tzu Chi volunteers distribute winter supplies and hot foods for the homeless...

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【Tzu Chi This Week】20171216

TC helping Nepal quake victims,Preventing osteoporosis in seniors,Aid supplies for refugees in Jordan. Tzu Chi volunteers from Malaysia travel to Nepal to host a two-day free clinic and relief distribution for quake survivors. We learn from medical professionals about...

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【Tzu Chi This Week】20171209

Welcome to Tzu Chi This Week. I'm Margaret Lin. Thank you for joining us. Turning fear into love to aid fellow residents,Enhancing seniors' muscular endurance,Conducting home visits to people in need. A Mexican overcomes fear to conduct disaster relief work and later...

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【Tzu Chi This Week】20171202

Medical team from Tzu Chi Canada Chapter once again heads to Nanaimo, Canada, to offer free TCM services for residents in need. Tzu Chi mobilized over 100 volunteers to help typhoon victims in Hong Kong’s Lei Yue Mun clean up the environment. The newest minimally...

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