Your Eyes My Hands

What would be the reason to support you continue your life while all your love person leave your life?

Xu Tao suffered from breast cancer that she wanted to give up the treatment, but then she met Gao Chu, a blind massagist. They met each other at the dusk of their lives and their strong friendship brings the sparks to their lives.

“Your Eyes, My Hands” is based on a real story. It tells about the lives of two elderly women. When they face their problems, such as the torments from illnesses, or pressure in their lives, they never give up. Their difficulties hammer out the touching friendship that is deeper and stronger than a family. The drama shows the toughness and strength of Taiwan’s women.

Xu Tao was married, but she left her home because of the domestic violence. Then her daughter died of illness. All these made her extremely depressed, but one day she met Gao Chu, a blind massagist, and they became the partners for life. Gao can’t see, but she is optimistic. They care about each other sincerely and serve the public enthusiastically. They pick up the value of their lives and find the courage and hope to keep on living.